🏫 Education

University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

2023 (Expected)

  • GPA: 3.7
  • Technical Breadth: Technology management

💼 Experience

Web Engineer Intern

Robinhood, Menlo Park, CA (Remote)

01/2022 - 04/2022

  • Expanded UI library impacting ~1 million weekly users for investing platform using React and Typescript
  • Collaborated with designers to build 6 new components to unify design language across clients
  • Implemented new typography underlying web products, built Figma plugin for designers to transition
  • Fixed bugs in layer system and open-source accessibility library with modern React APIs
  • Aided growth team in separating logged-out crypto detail page to Next.js to prioritize sign-ups: Sped up data fetching from ~1.4 to ~0.3 seconds by parallelizing using modern ES6 features, Migrate price ticker component, built theme logic tied to chart direction and NYSE hours, Configured dynamic metadata in request headers for SEO

Software Engineer Intern

CarpeMed, Berkeley, CA (Remote)

05/2021 - 09/2021

  • Developed Android & IOS app for a travel/medical start-up using React Native
  • Coordinated with backend and UI team to launch 4 high-priority features in production
  • Implemented responsive offline/airplane mode using local storage and native network APIs
  • Facilitated revenue streams by building subscription and B2B sign-up code functionality

Web Application Developer Intern

Orlando I. Spencer Inc., San Diego, CA (Remote)

04/2020 - 06/2020

  • Developed finance module for SaaS app for the aviation/education industry in Angular
  • Implemented zero-cost improvements in query performance by using modern JavaScript features
  • Enforced routing-friendly state management on the client-side to enable interaction between modules
  • Prepared concise bi-weekly briefings on roadblocks in development and projections

🏆 Achievements

Oracle: "Best Hack Using Machine Learning"

LA Hacks 2020, UCLA
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Caltech: "Best Social Good Hack"

Hacktech 2021, Caltech
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Facebook: "Best Hack That Gives People a Voice"

Hacktech 2020, Caltech
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💻 Notable Projects

Remind Me About Bitcoin

Automated tool that notifies you when crypto hype dies down
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  • Built data aggregation pipeline from Google Trends API for keywords like "bitcoin price"
  • Used Firebase Cloud functions to update trends data, and send emails if attention metrics drop
  • Designed mock-ups in Figma and built user interface using React, Typescript and Next.js


Platform connecting professionals in STEM to underprivileged schools
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  • Applies rate-limiting, origin validation and authorization using JWT and dynamic middle-wares
  • Includes map, filter, and insertion/update of 30,000+ schools into database with admin-only endpoint
  • Intuitive user interface mock-ups created in Figma with UI built using React and Next.js in Typescript


Parses essays for overused words and recommends synonyms
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  • A program that parses long-text formats for overused words and recommends synonyms
  • Utilizes 90,000+ unique words used in over 700 billion use cases extracted from Google Books data
  • Caches results using Redux and minimizes re-fetching data through local storage

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