🏫 Education

University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

2023 (Expected)

💼 Experience

Software Engineer Intern

CarpeMed, Berkeley, CA (Remote)

05/2021 - PRESENT

  • Developed Android & IOS app for a travel/medical start-up using React Native
  • Coordinated with backend and UI team to launch 4 high-priority features in production
  • Sped up health profile update times by 400% with concurrent querying
  • Implemented responsive offline/airplane mode using local storage and native network APIs
  • Facilitated revenue streams by building subscription and B2B sign-up code functionality

Web Application Developer Intern

Orlando I. Spencer Inc., San Diego, CA (Remote)

04/2020 - 06/2020

  • Developed finance module for SaaS app for the aviation/education industry in Angular
  • Implemented zero-cost improvements in query performance by using modern JavaScript features
  • Enforced routing-friendly state management on the client-side to enable interaction between modules
  • Prepared concise bi-weekly briefings on roadblocks in development and projections

🏆 Achievements

Oracle: "Best Hack Using Machine Learning"

LA Hacks 2020, UCLA
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Caltech: "Best Social Good Hack"

Hacktech 2021, Caltech
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Facebook: "Best Hack That Gives People a Voice"

Hacktech 2020, Caltech
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💻 Notable Projects


Platform connecting professionals in STEM to underprivileged schools
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  • Applies rate-limiting, origin validation and authorization using JWT and dynamic middle-wares
  • Includes map, filter, and insertion/update of 30,000+ schools into database with admin-only endpoint
  • Intuitive user interface mock-ups created in Figma with UI built using React and Next.js in Typescript


Parses essays for overused words and recommends synonyms
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  • A program that parses long-text formats for overused words and recommends synonyms
  • Utilizes 90,000+ unique words used in over 700 billion use cases extracted from Google Books data
  • Caches results using Redux and minimizes re-fetching data through local storage

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